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Our catalogue is broken into sections. DVD, sound tapes and sound tapes on cd. Please make sure you’ve identified the media format before making an order.




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CDs and Tapes

Saxon @ stonetonebridge ft papa san {1985}
Saxon veteran dj’s in action ft ringo, buro, little john, metro pt 1 & 2{UK Aug 1997}
Saxon ft super cat & nicodemus {1986 Brixton}
Saxon ft super cat, demus, Levi, tipper, rusty {1986 Brixton}
Saxon down the road {1993}
Saxon v atomic Washington dc {1993}
Saxon meets Black Scorpio Brooklyn New York {1993}
Saxon v stone love {May 1993}
Saxon in Birmingham 5 sound clash, coxson, luv inj, Asher world, sterphonic {92}
Saxon v coxsone (1988}
Saxon in Milton Keynes the sanctuary cup dance {March 1994}
Saxon studio Levi, tipper, rusty, colonel {1986}
Saxon v coxsone, afrique, bodyguard in Edmonton {March 1993}
Saxon meets mello sound & road block@ mahi temple, Miami {April 93}
Saxon in Lewisham papa Levi, Lesley lyric {1982}
Saxon in London ft Jr san, papa Levi, tipper irie {1990}
Saxon v Addies p1 & 2{1994 Bermuda}
Saxon with downbeat, bodyguard & Kilimanjaro {2001}
Saxon ft Frankie Paul
Saxon live coughing up fire {Nov 1984}
Saxon v Kilimanjaro silver sands west London {Oct 28th 2005 also on DVD}
Saxon v killamntarus {1985 UK Manchester}
Saxon in Brockley a touch of class {august 1986}
Saxon in Liverpool carnival toxteth sports centre {10th Aug 1985}
Saxon in Leicester tipper, Levi, Jr san, sen san, sugar merchant {1985}
Saxon v baron greenhey centre pt 1 & 2 {6th June 1987}
Saxon in Cardiff Newport {5th Aug 1985}
Saxon in London, tipper, colonel, Levi {1984}
Saxon in London, multi bline, sen san, rusty, tipper {1987}
Saxon v young lion {1985}
Saxon v love injection/v rocket {1992}
Saxon v king alloy {1988}
Sir Coxsone v Saxon studio
Sir Coxsone v exodus ft Hawkeye {1984}
Sir Coxsone shock of the century ft supacat, eek a mouse, nitty gritty, demus {1986}
Sir Coxsone v revelation {dec1986}
Sir Coxsone v java ft screechy Dan, daddy ip, tenna fly, {hilltop Harlesden 1986}
Sir Coxone ft tenor fly {1987}
Sir Coxsone ft screechy bantam, tenor fly, multi bline, Mrs Irie {1987}
Sir Coxsone ft daddy freddy, Sister Verna, bikey dread, jah screechy {1987}
Sir Coxsone ft fat head, daddy ip, tenor, bikey dread, screechy banton,colorman {87}
Sir Coxsone ft fp, pinchers, nitty gritty, tenor fly, penfold, fathead, bikey dread {87}
Sir Coxsone ft tenor fly {March 1997}
Young lion v Saxon sound ft daddy Willie, Mr Palmer {20th Oct 1984}
Jam down rockers v unity {1983}
Jam down rockers V java ft sugar dread, champion, general t {Feb 1984}
Jam down rockers Notting hill carnival ft sleepy, snowman gt, champion {1985}
Jam down rockers ft sleepy, gt, snowman. Champion {10th Aug 1986}
Jam down rockers v Young lion ft sleepy, snowman. Champion, gt {dec 1985}
Jam down rockers ft snowman, sleepy, preacher, champion, gt {1985}
Jam down rockers v Black unity ft champion, general, snowman {1986}
Black unity v Jamdown rockers ft Ellis Jr, Johnny rizla, yankie, little youth {1986}
Kilimanjaro v jah creation
Kilimanjaro v pieces pt 1 & 2 {july1996}
Kilimanjaro ft Dominic, ninjaman, papa san, conroy smith {1988}
Kilimanjaro ft ninja man, coco tea {1990}
Kilimanjaro ft ninja, Chaplin, Johnny p, red dragon {1990}
Kilimanjaro ft super cat, Chaplin {dec 1990}
Kilimanjaro super cats anniversary, cat, ninja, Jr cat, beanie man, cpt barky {1996}
Kilimanjaro supercat, yellowman, general tree, Buru bantan
Kilimanjaro ft supercat, early b, jnr ried, Chaplin.
Kilimanjaro ft supercat, puddy roots {1983}
Kilimanjaro clash ft Gemini, metromedia {1989}
Kilimanjaro v sturgav {2007}
Kilimanjaro ft supercat, twich, Chaplin
Kilimanjaro tribute to early B {1995}
Kilimanjaro ft jnr cat & ninja man {2006}
Kilimanjaro v downbeat
Kilimanjaro: healing of the nation {1998}
Kilimanjaro ft ninja man coco tea
Kilimanjaro v LP international bad man forward bad pull up {2006}
Kilimanjaro ft u browm, john Wayne, little john {1983}
Kilimanjaro v black Scorpio ft flourgon,supercat, Jr cat ninja, Shabba,red dgn {1990}
Kilimanjaro {1990}
Kilimanjaro ft briggy, Sister Nancy, josey wales, thriller, little john {2002 July}
Kilimanjaro ft john Wayne, Jim Kelly, Buru, little john
Kilimanjaro clash ft downbeat, black kat & sentinel {Oct 2003}
Kilimanjaro {2000}
Kilimanjaro ft capleton {2002}
Kilimanjaro ft super cat, Buru, uu madoo & twitch
Kilimanjaro the crowning, ft sizzla, downbeat, jnr cat {2010 also on DVD}
Kilimanjaro ft briggy
Kilimanjaro v black cat ft merciless {Feb 1996}
Kilimanjaro ft general trees, Chaplin, ninja man {1990}
Kilimanjaro v stur gav ft luciano, josey, Jr Reid, Jr cat, micky general {march 1999}
Kilimanjaro ft determine, sizzla, jnr Reid {2nd march 99}
Downbeat ft Jr demus, briggy, josey, pritcher man, john Paul, culture tribe {1988}
Down beat ft shine head, briggy, senator rankin {Sept1984}
Downbeat ft briggy & Sister Nancy
Downbeat ft josey wales & nico demus
Downbeat ft briggy, Carlton Livingston, Alton Ellis
Downbeat ft briggy & josey
Downbeat v kata rock {2000}
Downbeat with mighty crown, king Addies & poison dart {July 21st 2007}
Downbeat v king Addies {2007}
Downbeat v supersonic in Europe {Oct 30th 2004}
Downbeat ft prof nuts, Chaplin, jnr demus, Sister Nancy {2004}
Downbeat ft jnr ried, nicodemus halfpint, Louie Rankin {1985}
Downbeat ft josey wales, nicodemus
Downbeat ft san, early b, briggy, johnny osbbourne, lone ranger {1985}
Downbeat in Japan {2006}
Stur gav v black Scorpio ninja, big youth, tristron palmer, Chaplin, josey {2007}
Stur gav ft shabba, Buru, twitch, Chaplin & Josey Wales
Stur gav ft josey wales, tenor saw, bailey, pinchers.michael palmer {1985}
Stur gav v metromedia ft general tree, josey Wales, twitch & Chaplin {2007}
Stur gav ft supercat, tenor saw, early b, josey Wales {1986}
Stur gav ft luciano, mikey general, jnr ried jnr cat
Stur gav ft U Roy, josey wales.chaplin, tenor saw, Peter metro {1986}
Stur gav Chaplin, josey wales & puddy roots {2005}
Stur gav ft shabba, Chaplin, pro nuts, ringo, josey, briggy, john wayne {1986}
Stur gav ft general tree, sugar Minot & Chaplin {2000}
Stur gav ft U Roy, Rankin Joe & Joe lick shot {1988}
Stur gav @ Stratford Rex London {2005}
Stur gav ft ninja man, josey & briggy
Stur gav ft Buru, josey, peter metro, pinchers, little john, ninja, yellowman {2005}
Stur gav ft Chaplin, josey, bushman {Nov 1998}
Stur gav ft sugar minot, chaplin, general tree, admiral tibett,{Jul 3rd 1999}
Stur gav ft josey wales, general tree, buju banton & twitch {2005}
Stur gav ft little john, Chaplin, general tree, josey {2007}
Stur gav ft briggy.little john & general tree {2005 also on DVD}
Stur gav super cat, briggy, early b, demus, {1986}
Stur gav ft shabba, admiral tibett, beanie man, josey wales
Stur gav ft general tree, Chaplin, josey wales, puddy roots {2006}
Stur gav ft briggy, josey, beanie man, errol dukeley, ken boothe {2005}
Stur gav: one umbrella ft uroy capt brky, tinga Stewart, coco tea, ad Tibet {pt 1 & 2}
Stur gav ft Chaplin trees, twitch, little john, Leroy gibbons, romain Virgo {2011}
Black Scorpio ft Jr cat, Chaka demus, pliers, gt. Ricky stereo {2nd Feb 1988}
Black Scorpio v jammys & killamanjaro {2007}
Black Scorpio v jammys & jaro ft buju, ninja man, trees, lexus, ghost {2006}
Black Scorpio: Leroy Sibbles bash ft sugar Minot, btn levy, josey, little john, {2004}
Black Scorpio v jammys ft ninja man, generaltree, Buru, capleton, pinchers {2005}
Black Scorpio v stone love ft thriller u, Johnny p, mackerel, papa san {1989}
Black Scorpio ft pro nutts & lecturer
Black Scorpio ft ringo, gt, lady tree, daddy meeky, little meeky {1984}
Black Scorpio v cosmic force,gt, yellowman, shukahine, Barry black,Devon irie {87}
Cosmic force v black Scorpio ft san, bunny gen, bammy man, Jacky Chan {1987}
Stone love v road block {1995}
Stone love st Ann’s bay {dec1991}
Stone love on plastic vol {1991}
Stone love ft Sanchez & yellow man {1989}
Stone love ft grimes man, Jr cat, papa san, pan head, dummy man {1992}
Stone love, with inner city & black hawk {1993}
Stone love v metro media ft super cat, Jr car, Louie ranks, Jr demus {Aug 1992}
Stone love ft capleton, super cat, shabba, biggie, beanie man, echo Minot {1992}
Stone love with afrique & metro media {Aug 1998}
Stone love in the Astoria London {1990}
Stone love {1989}
Stone love {1992}
Stone love {1996}
Stone love {1999}
Stone love {2002}
Stone love with swatch, Matterhorn, lexus, bounty, sizzla, wayne marshall {2002}
Stone love v metro media {1990}
Stone love ft shabba, Johnny p, risto benji {dec 1989}
Stone love v Tony Matterhorn dudus dance {2010}
Stone love with billy slaughter {2006}
Stone love & white affair ft tony Matterhorn {Dec 2006}
Stone love ft tony Matterhorn, swatch {2007}
Stone love ft Taurus riley, munga & pressure {2007}
Stone love v body guard {2008}
Stone love v poison dart & struggla {2007}
Stone love v bass odessey, mad squad & synemax {2006}
Stone love: student union u.w.i ft Bounty killa
Stone love ft Tony Matterhorn: African wear {Dec 2006}
Stone love v area code & bass odessey {2008}
Stone love {2006}
Stone love pure gold {2006)
Stone love ft tony Matterhorn & elephantman {2006}
Stone love ft movado {2008}
Stone love: the crowning of shane-o, bounty killa, erupt, {Dec 2006}
Stone love muzik {2007}
Stone love, base odyssey & black cat {2007}
Stone love old hits {2007}
Stone love on negril beach {2007}
Stone love v stur gav ft little john, general tree, captain barkey & pro nutts {2005}
Stone love v afrique {1999}
Stone love hyped up {1998}
Stone love champions in action ft I Wayne, coco tea, Luton fire & little hero {2006}
Stone love ft ninja man, shelly thunder, Jr demus {1992}
Stone love ft mellow tuffy, Chaka, dummy man, sister junie, British Carlene {88}
Stone love weddy weddy no40 {2007}
Stone love ballers bash {2011}
King Jammys v Kilimanjaro
King Jammys ft little john
King Jammys ft, g tree, king kong, major worries, twitch {1987}
King Jammys ft admiral bailey & tonto ire {1986}
King Jammys ft coco tea, john wayne, risto benjy, twitch {1986}
King Jammys ft bailey, shabba ranks, risto benjy
King Jammys ft josey wales, Frankie Paul & twitch
King Jammys ft risto benjy, baily {1986}
King Jammys with v rocket & baron ft bailey, risto benji, lecturer {1989 m/chester}
King Jammys ft Barrington Levi, bailey, mjr worries, Anthony malvo {Nov 1987}
King Jammys ft baily, don angilo, twich, pompido, chaka d, josey, john wayne, {87}
Stur mars ft super cat, demus, buro, yami bolo {1985}
Stur mars ft super cat, demus, buro, Wayne palmer {1986}
Stur mars ft super cat, u brown, Johnny, ringo, tenor saw, buro, yami bolo {1986}
Stur mars ft super cat, cutty ranks, tenor saw, demus & echo Minot
Stur mars ft supercat, demus, coco tea, tenor saw
Stur mars ft supercat, nicodemus, tenor saw, cutty ranks, and yammy bolo
Stur mars ft nicodemus, Buru, rickey tuffy, cutty ranks
Stur mars ft super cat, demus, cutty ranks {1985}
Viking sound ft super cat & demus {UK 1986}
Ricky trooper v silver hawk {2011}
Ricky trooper v stone love, amplex, gery chucks {2007}
Ricky trooper anniversary, vybz kartel, ninja man, jnr cat, fantan mojah {2007}
Ricky trooper ft LP, MADD squad, raw deal {2007}
Ricky trooper v soll jah one {2007}
Ricky trooper v blunt posse {2007}
Ricky trooper sound ft vybz kartel {2007}
Ricky trooper sound v fire house sound {2007}
Sound trooper v LP, supersonic, shashamane king turbo {2006}
Sound trooper v black Kat {2007}
Sound trooper v synemax {2007}
Ricky trooper with rolex ft beanie man {2011}
David rodigan v Kilimanjaro in New York {Nov 1997}
David rodigan death before dishonour, mighty crown, bass odyssey {2007}
David rodigan, ft down beat, jammys, black Scorpio, jaro, mighty crown {2008}
David rodigan ft stone love & collie budz {2007}
David rodigan v down beat {USA 2006 also on DVD}
David rodigan v down beat 4 discs {UK 2006 pt 1 & 2}
David rodigan v stone love {2006}
David rodigan v mighty crown, bass odyssey, sound trooper {2007}
David rodigan v blunt posse & soul jah one {2006}
David rodigan, tony Matterhorn, mighty crown, luv injection {2006}
David rodigan v bass odyssey & LP {2000}
David rodigan in Holland {2008}
David rodigan v safari {2008}
David rodigan v waggy t Miami USA {Feb 1993}
David rodigan v soul jah one {1997}
David rodigan v gt Taylor {2000}
Mighty crown USA world clash ft David rodigan v ninja man {2007}
Mighty crown v chalizee {Feb 2008}
Mighty crown v waggy t {2007}
Mighty crown v body guard {2007}
Mighty crown v sentinel
Mighty crown culture mix
Bass odyssey {1996}
Bass odyssey {1995}
Bass odyssey ft total eclipse v black kat {2007}
Bass odyssey v stone wall {2007}
Bass odyssey blazer & jeans sound trooper & black kat {2008}
Bass odyssey v stone love {2006}
Bass odyssey v stone love 2007}
Bass odyssey v copper shot, nico bambam, stone love {shorts v skirts July 25th 2007}
Bass odyssey v black diamond {2007}
Bass odyssey stewarton square macho Clarendon {January 2011}
Bass odyssey family and friends link up {2011}
Black star ft briggy, bruk back, zuzu {dec 1983}
Black star ft tiger, malvo, horns man, mickl melody {1986}
Black star ft tiger, briggy, malvo, half pint, hepton lyndo {July 1986}
Black star v youth man promotion ft tiger, jnr vibez, Anthony malvo {1986}
Black star ft broke back, briggy, tiger {1986}
African star v base odyssey (1995}
African star ft capleton {Jan 1995}
African symbol ft baily, white mice, pad Anthony {September 1986}
Jah love music ft briggy rankin Joe, sister Nancy, Danny dread, Hugo Barrington
Jah love music ft briggy, yellowman, sasa fras, Sister Nancy {1980}
Jah love music ft early b, lone ranger, nico demus & jnr cat {1994}
Jah love music v down beat ft Buru, briggy, sister carol {1995}
Jah love ft early b {1995}
Jah love music ft ilawi & briggy Norwood snooker hall, london{DVD 5th Nov 2011}
Body guard v jams rock {1983}
Body guard {1990}
Body guard v luv injection in Birmingham {dec 1991}
Body guard v African star v heat wave ft stichie, beanie, degree, Jr tucker, {1994}
Body guard v African star v heat wave sound clash {1995}
Body guard v travellers {May 1996}
Body guard v rebel t {2008}
Rebel t v pieces {2008}
Marathon hi power ft nutts, Devon irie, Fred locks, lady gee, {July 1988}
Mandela sound {1992}
City heat {1995}
City heat {1995}
Federation vs. Solomonic dud fe dud clash
Explicit sound system ft beanie man, merciless {1997}
Yard force ft earthy irie, Asher bantan, captain leefy, daddy sergeant {1986}
Silver hawk v jaro house of Leo {august 1988}
Silver hawk v love vibes ft baily, twitch, f p, josey Wales, lecturer {1988}
Silver hawk {1988}
Silver hawk {1991}
Silver hawk {1992}
Silver hawk ft buju bantan, Wayne wonder, terry ganzie {1992}
Silver hawk v exodus {1993}
Metro media ft peter metro, san, red rose, jr demus, sanches, domonic {1988}
Metro media ft briggy, Jr cat, Conroy smith, puddy roots {1988}
Metro media v black cat ft ninja, Chaka demus, metro, tonto metro {september1989}
Metro media with swatch & travellers {1989}
Meter media ft peter metro & puddy roots {1988}
Metro media sound ft tonto metro, tipper lee {1989}
Metro media ft super cat, Jr cat, cutty ranks, Ritchie Stevens, ninja man {1990}
Metro media ft metro, ninja, tiger. Lil john, malvo, Ritchie Stevens {1990}
Metro media ft peter metro & domonic {1990}
Metro media v little rock, stone love, Adonai, 4 sound clash {March 1999}
Metro media ft peter metro & domonic {1987}
Cave man v kata rock {2000}
Cave man v jaro part 1&2 {1998}
Sterio one ft Chaka demus, stichie, little john, yellowman, Ricky stereo {1987}
Streio one ft stichy, wolf man {1986}
Sterio one ft san,stichy,yellowman,red rose,conroy smith,wicker man,dad blue{87}
Sterio one ft stichy, daddy blue, Ricky sterio, sugar bobby {1987}
Sterio one ft stichy, wolfman, tiger {1988}
Sterio one ft stichy, gt, pinchers, echo minot, ricky sterio, wolfman {1987}
Sterio one ft stichie, Ricky stereo, papa san
Sterio one ft lieutenant stichie, tiger {1986}
Sterio one ft lieutenant stichie {1986}
King Tubbys ft tenor fly, spliffington, vico d {1989 Brixton}
King Tubbys v field marshal {1985}
Jah revelation ft briggy, Louie lepke {1982}
Sentinel v Addies, shashamane {2007}
Bass line ft lieutenant stichie & Chaplin {1986}
Aces international ft yellowman, eek a mouse, Buru, toyan, ringo {Oct 13th 1982}
Aces international ft billy boyo, little harry, yellowman, sugar minot, toyan {1981}
Exodus v supa dee ft ghost, Sanchez, pan head, mackerel, jigsy king {1993}
Exodus ft buju banton v cobra {June 92}
Exodus ft Jr Reid, capleton, apache scrachi, buju banton, Wayne wonder {1992}
Exodus {1992}
Volcano sound ft Barry levy, briggy, josey & jnr ried {1983}
Volcano ft burro banton, peter metro, toyan {1984}
Creation sound ft papa san & china man
Creation sound ft papa san & dirts man
Adonai v Nitro ft silver cat, echo min Coot, baby wayne, Jr cat {1998}
Tallers hi powers ft ranking Joe
Top secret sound system {2007}
Top secret sound system v body guard {2007}
Jah youth {1989}
Jack ruby ft nico demus & Rankin Trevor
Jack ruby ft yellow man, Louie lepkie, papa Richie, bobby culture
Jack ruby ft nico demus & briggy
Jack ruby ft general tree, tiger, nico demus {1986}
Jack ruby ft josey wales {1986}
Courage sound ft tiger, Chaka demus, major worries {1986}
Courage ft tiger, double ugly, red dragon, lizard {1986}
Super d sound system v black cat {1994}
Super d sound system {1992}
Stereo phonic sound system ft general ech & uu madoo {1977}
Papa moke ft Rankin Joe, brigadier jerry, daddy u Roy {1979}
Papa moke ft Rankin Joe, demus, welton irie, Johnny ringo {1983}
Rock a tone ft briggy, Chaplin, josey
WA dat Chaplin, sasa frost, Barry g {1986}
WA dat ft Barry g, josey wales, Chaplin {1986}
WA dat ft general tree, half pint, tenor saw, ringo {1986}
Virgo ft lone ranger & Rankin Joe {1980}
Virgo ft nicodemus, u brown & Trevor Rankin
Afrique ft super cat, Jr demus, nico demus {1992}
Inner city and lees unlimited ft Jr cat, ninja man, Jr Reid, jack radices {1993}
Inner city, briggy & Hugh Griffith  
Inner city ft bailey, ninja man, Gregory peck {1991}
Arrows ambassador {1988}
Arrows v Kilimanjaro ft peter metro
Arrows ambassador ft mjr worries, Chaka demus, john Wayne, Sis Nancy {Jan 87}
Gemini hi fi ft Buru banton & peter metro
Gemini hi fi ft Johnny ringo
Gemini disco v stone love @ the house of Leos {1st Feb 1992}
Gemini hi fi ft shabba, cuttty ranks, singing melody
Black kat v synemax {2007}
Black kat v jaro {1995}
LP international ft Dennis brown specials {Aug 1999}
Youth man promotion ft early b, colourman, and thriller
Youth man promotion ft wayne smith, tenor saw, nitty gritty, half pint fp jr reid {86}
Youth promotion ft half pint, tenor saw, Jr Reid, Peter metro, yami bolo {1985}
Youth promotion {1985}
Rambo international ft clement irie & red dragon {1989}
Heat wave ft josey Wales, shabba ranks {1994}
Supersonic v heartical {2006}
Jack ruby ft bobby culture & u brown {1981}
Jack ruby {1981}
Gemini disco ft Buru, squidley Rankin, lee ven cliff, peter metro, toyan {1983}
Cosmic force v black Scorpio ft papa san, bunny general, bammy man
Swatch ft jazzy t {2007}
Swatch v jams rock {2007}
Swatch v top secret, Ritchie feelings, exxtacey {Aug 2008}
Swatch v top secret, cock it pon the dump truck {2011}
Conquering lion ft Barry g, Sanchez, garnet silk, tony rebel & terry ganzie {1983}
Beanie man summer sizzle ft capleton, josey, mgn heritage & wicker man {2006}
Reggae jams jam ft athony b, turbulence, mgn heritage, warrior king, Sanchez {2k4}
Jah cure live in Amsterdam {Aug 2007 also on DVD}
Sizzla live in London @ oceanz hackney {March 24th 2001}
Full black affair stage show ft bounty killa, movado, chuck fender, ninjman {2006}
Positive music stage show ft buju banton, coco tea, tony rebel & Sanchez {1995}
Western consciousness stage show ft beres hamond, mgn heritage, I wayne {2005} 
Sum fest ft gyptian, fatan mojah, natural bacl, chuck fender {2006}
Sum fest ft munga, movado, vybz kartel, bounty, elephantman, busy signal {2007}
Stage show ft sizzla, turbulane & co co tea {2003}
Pink panther bash ft black kat, base oddessey, capleton, fantan mojah {2007}
Black river stage show ft josey, ninjaman, Courtney melody, Chaplin {1988}
Dennis brown live, the living legend concert {also on DVD 1995}
Skeng don bash ft movado, beanie man, adonia, capleton {2007}
Sound trooper clash ft black kat & Tony Matterhorn {Japan}
Stage show ft super cat, josey, briggy, Chaplin, yami, bounty killer {June 1993}
Veteran stage show ft josey. Chaplin, Anthony b, john Holt {1997}
Stage show ft supercat & Prof Nutts, pinchers {1991}
Stage show ft super cat, ninja man, papa san {1990}
Stage show ft super cat, pro nutts, Ritchie Stevens Montego Bay {Aug 1990)
White river reggae bash ft supercat, Josie, yammi bolo, Chaplin {1993}
Marcus Garvey birthday celebration ft Michael rose, yammi bolo, coco tea {1993}
Stage show ft sizzla, coco tea, capleton {June 2002}
Stage show saddle to the east ft capleton, Anthony b, merciless, baby Wayne {1999}
Stage show ft elephant man, bounty killer, ninja man {Aug 2002}
Veterans in action, briggy, lil john, nutts, yellowman, lone ranger, fp {Brixton 2k6}
UK cup clash mighty crown, black kat, trooper, rodigan, {oceans hackney 2003}
UK cup clash poison dart, classique, one love, matterhorn {oceans hackney 2004}
UK cup clash bass odyssey, mighty crown, trooper, luv inj, Addies {Strat rex 2007}
UK cup clash, rodigan, sentinel, bass odyssey, Jaro, mighty crown {strat rex 2008}
UK cup clash {2006, 2007 & 2008 on DVD}
Morgan heritage live another rockaz moment {Paradiso, Amsterdam 2005}
Brooklyn clash ft bass oddessey, m crown, black kat, sentinel {Oct 8th 2005 elite pk}
US world clash hosted by bount killa ft mighty crown, black kat; one love {2003}
Ruler tone ft josey wales & little twitch {1987}
Blunt posse mix pure sizzla specials
Traveller’s v renaissance v syndicate with merciless {July 1996}
Travellers v syndicate plus hmv {April 1996}
King Addie’s {1997}
King Addie’s v stone love {1994)  
King Addies v firgo digital {November 1994}
King Addie’s v travellers {1995}
King Addie’s v blunt posse {2006}
Ritchie feelings v razz & biggie {2008}
Rebel salute ft garnet silk, coco tea, freddy mgregor, beanie man {1994}
Tony mattehorn & cassette peter {2007}
Tony Matterhorn passa passa {Dec 2003}
Tony Matterhorn ft black kat & base odyssey {2006}
Tony Matterhorn {2007}
Tony Matterhorn {2006}
Tony Matterhorn fully loaded ft swatch & black chiney {2007}
Tony Matterhorn v fire links {2006}
Tony Matterhorn v fire links {2007}
Fire links in nanyville {2008}
Fire links burning now {also on DVD}
Bounty killer party ft sky juice & Tony Matterhorn {2008}
Anthony b live on the battle field {France/Toulouse 2002 also on DVD}
Buju banton & Anthony b chanting down the walls of Babylon {1997}
Champions in action ft sizzla, bounty killer, Anthony b, I wayne {Aug 2009}
Sound fi dead ft trooper, black blunt, sentinel, synemax, black cat {2k9also on DVD}
Hotshot’s ft super cat, Sister Nancy, briggy, Jr ried, ninja {1992}
Gt sound ft general tree {1985}
Gt sound ft King Kong, general tree, josey wales {1986}
Gt sound ft grl tree, ringo, yellow man, john wayne, nitty gritty, tenor saw {1985}
Sun splash ft peter metro, echo Minot, chicken chest, and early b {{1986}
Baron sound v java in Huddersfield {July 1990}
Baron sound in Liverpool cup dance {Aug 1990}
Baron sound ft nitty gritty, briggy, bobby boom, the gallery Manchester {Oct87}
Baron Turbo charge {Jan 1988}
Baron v steriodan in the gallery Manchester {1987}
Road star sound {1990}
Shabba live {1990}
Now generation in Liverpool {1990}
Now generation in Manchester {1989}
Now generation in Birmingham {1989}
Earth rocker ft Nicky p, mc rizla, missy, starry baton, Liverpool carnival {1990}
V rocket ft little howie, bento star, prento youth, tenor fly {Edgert Nottingham 1990}
Tippertone v Saxon ft daddy ip, howie, lomsey, stumpy, ranger {1986}
Scorcher ambassador mango, tallice, quamina, ras Marcus, Levi, Jamaica hs{Oct 83}
Creation sound ft solar mint, Nicky energy, Stanley house Liverpool toxteh L8 {86}
Cosmic ambassador, Johnny pliers, cj, scoops skipper, younger in Liverpool {1988}
One a penny in Liverpool carnival, Valentino, central, cheldon, InspectrWilly {1991}
Reggae cari fest stage show ft ninja man, bounty, merciless, determine {Oct 2002}
Welcome home ninja man ft Jr Reid, ninja ford, Joe lick shot {1988}
Stage show fresh ft pinchers, bounty killer stichy & ninja v cobra {95/96 also DVD}
Stage show ft Courtney melody, ninja, pliers, san, Sanchez in central pk {1989}
Stage show ghetto splash, buju, beanie, Jr Reid, tony rebel, terry ganzie {1994}
Stage show buju banton live {1992}
Stage show capleton birthday ft coco tea, Tony rebel, ken serious, capleton {1996}
Stage show ft Courtney melody, Sanchez, ninja man, josey wales, Chaplin {1998} 
Stage show ft luciano, sizzla, Louie culture, micky general Brixton academy {1998}
Stage show ft Anthony b, capleton, prez brown, terror fabulous {2000}               
Chaplin live in recording studio ft admiral bailey {1989}
Rebels salute ft Anthony b, capleton, sizzla, luciano, malvo, twitch {1997}
Sizzla peace show ft Anthony b, buju, beres hamond, red rose, mikey general {1997}
Sizzla peace show ft capleton, luciano {1997}
Stage show ft bounty killer {2002}
Sting ft ninja, shabba, Leroy smart, Chaplin, risto benji, pro nuts {1990}
Sting ft jr reid, pinchers, baily, tiger & super cat v ninja {also DVD 1991}
Sting ft spraga benz, cobra, Jr tucker and more {1993}
Sting ft merciless, Anthony b, Jr Reid, everton blender, Jr demus, wicker {1996}
Sting ft bounty v merciless with beanie man and ninja man {dec 2001 also on DVD}
Sting ft mgn heritage, sizzla, elephant man, warrior king, bounty killa, ninja {2002}
Sting ft gyptian, buju, I wayne, bounty killa.ninjaman, beanie man {2006}
Sum fest ft capleton, bounty killer {august1999}
Taxi connection ft sly & Robbie, half pint, ini komoze, yellowman {1986}
Buju bantan live stage stage show {1992}
White river dance {1996}
Ghetto splash ft buju, beanie man Jr reid, terror fab, Wayne wonder, terry ganzie {94}
Sun splash ft pinchers, admiral baily, little twitch {1987}
Super cat interview with walshy fire {May 8th 2008}
Bob Marley live interview ft Nevil Willoughby {1973}